How to help my child get rid of smartphone?

help my child get rid of smartphone

How to help my child get rid of smartphone?

Playing games on smartphone and computer is a relatively common phenomenon, Especially primary and middle school students. As a result, mobile phone and computer have become the children’s important matter!

With the development of technology, the smartphone has entered every household. Even the students, they will have their beloved phone. Of course, these phones are mostly IOS Mobile and Android phones. For example iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4, Xperia Z3, LG G3 and so on. These phones have something in common – stylish, high resolution, expensive, big screen, and so on. Smartphones become kid’s best partner. Whenever and wherever, they will take these electronic devices, even when the class. As long as there is a new game, kids can always get started quickly, even if the adults did not they play proficiency.

Perhaps these high-tech products to bring parents a lot of trouble, right? Using the phone to swindle and cheat is nothing new now, so that there is no sense of contact with children too much information, easy to bring them into danger. Phone replacement with fast speed, it is easy to let the children vanity, blind comparisons. Since got the phone, your kids do not want to spend time on homework and physical exercise, but spend a lot of time playing the smartphone. They play games, watch videos, chat with friends. When the dead of night, perhaps they did not sleep in bed, but in the play their new smartphone. Frequently to classmates, friends texting, it is possible to get the kids not to talk to their parents the truth, deepening a sense of alienation and parental control between parents. These are all the reasons children become withdrawn and academic decline. Some even disobedient children play smartphone in the classroom. When their ringing phone rings, classroom learning atmosphere is immediately destroyed. This behavior is also a headache for teachers. If your child smartphone browsing some porn sites, which would seriously affect the child’s physical and mental health. When your child sleepless nights playing their new stuff, as a parent, do you want to throw away these abominable smartphones?

Of course, some kids can get a lot of benefits from these high-tech products. For example, To develop children interest in technology, resulting in delving into the spirit; With cell phones, children can contact their parents on time; Giving child a smartphone is equal to installing a “remote control”, no matter he or she where is, doing what, parents can control the trend of children always; Play intelligence games on smartphone can make them more responsive; When there is an emergency, your child can be the first time to notify the parents; They can also share what they seen and heard in time.

Children’s use of smart phones, there are some benefits, there are many potential threats too. In any case, the parents do not want smart phones to control their children, then how to let your child get rid of the smartphone? I will give you some useful advice in the following sections.

How to lead your children learn how to use popular IOS and Android smartphone effectively ? If you are a father or mother, these suggestions will be useful.

1. Strictly curb the expenditure. The highest consumption is $30 a month
2. Shutdown mobile in class. If found boot will disable 10 days
3. Must be shut down In public places
4. Performance all the way down, parents will take the mobile phone away from you
5. Limit the time playing games, watching movies, etc.
6. Don’t browse porn sites and spread pornography with the mobile
7. Don’t say the words to hurt others

If you still do not trust a child, you can try the cell phone spy software. This software can help you monitor the text messages transmitted by the child, and who fought on the phone, browse what website. Once the children have to cross the line behavior, you can stop it at the first time, with appropriate criticism and education, I believe that your child will grow up healthy and happy.

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Smartphone Spy Software Features

SMS Tracking: Read any message that was received or sent from the phone – even if they are erased from the phone.

Call Tracking: See the numbers that your children or employees have called and what numbers have called them. Have a COMPLETE log including time they were made, how long the call lasted and how many calls were made for each number.

Email Tracking: They might be sneaky and leak information/set up plans via email, thinking that no one can read this. Wrong. With Smartphone Spyware, you can read each and every incoming and outgoing email and see what’s going on behind your back.

GPS Tracking: Is your kid really at the library? Is your employee really stuck in traffic? Find out what’s going on by seeing the exact location of the phone on Google Maps.
Phonebook Access: If your employee has been telling you that he doesn’t know Peter that works for the competition.

URL Tracking: Nowadays, a lot of activity happens online – adult chat forums, industry trade secrets leaking away freely in discussion groups… See exactly what URLs the user has visited and see instantly if they’ve been viewing something they shouldn’t be viewing!

Photo Tracking: From employees taking photos of your secret schematics and business papers… To your child posing with that badass dude from the block… Cell phone photos are one of the easiest ways to catch someone doing wrong. See the photos the minute they’re taken – even if later they’re erased from the phone!

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