How to record calls on iPhone 6?

Can I record someone’s iPhone 6 without him or she knowing? This guide will show you a easy way to record calls on your husband and wife’s iPhone 6 via our iPhone 6 spy app. iPhone 6 Spy Software allows you to remotely record calls made from or received by your target iPhone 6.
Now the smartphones like the Apple iPhone 6 are as powerful as a full- fledged computer with internet access, just like the internet, there are use and misuse of a powerful iPhone 6. If the thought of giving your spouse a iPhone 6 somehow bugs you, it is totally justified. Want to spy this amazing device? The good news is, it is not at all difficult to become a FBI agent and remotely, silently monitor and spy on you husband or wife’s iPhone 6, right down to every (or as much as you demands and specifies) aspects of usage.

How does a iPhone 6 recorder work?

The iPhone 6 recorder software is actually a hybrid of software and service, which allows you to monitor iPhone 6 in real time. In order to get the iPhone 6 spy work, a piece of software needs to be planted into theiPhone 6 you want to monitor. Once the spy is planted and running (stealthily, not visible in the running process list on Apple iPhone 6), it will record an array of phone activities and upload the data to a remote server via an encrypted transmission channel, which you can access with an internet browser.

* Instantly see a recording of all incoming or outgoing calls.
* Set up a predefined number you wish to record calls to or from.
* Listen to the recording either directly from you Control Panel or download them to your PC.

iPhone 6 Recoder Features

Manage calls
View the time, date, and duration of every incoming/outgoing call. Prevent anyone from calling by using call restriction feature of the best iPhone 6 spy app!

Check text message
Supervise all the messages exchanged via WhatsApp, iMessage, and Skype instant messengers. Make sure there is no inappropriate communication by tracking all the iPhone 6 messages, both retained and deleted ones.

Check instant messages
Supervise all the messages exchanged via WhatsApp, iMessage, and Skype instant messengers. Make sure there is no inappropriate communication.

View multimedia files
Multimedia files stored on the iPhone 6 can tell you much about its user. Check every photo or video taken using the iPhone camera or downloaded via IMs or Email.

Read E-mails
Monitor all e-mail communication of your target iPhone 6 user. Get to know how to track iPhone 6 users, what they are discussing and check every e-mail address they have contacts with.

Track GPS location
You will be able to find out where the target iPhone 6 user is and which routes has been taken by them. All the GPS tracking data will be presented on a convenient map.

Why will you find it useful?
There are many instances when you may get suspicious of harmful or unwanted behavior at home or work. By recording calls with this iPhone 6 spyware you will get the needed evidence to be able to confront the situation in a constructive way.
Currently available on iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, Android smartphones and tablets only.

How to quit recording?
The iPhone 6 recording app can be remotely uninstalled from iPhone 6 via your online account control panel. No hassle.