How to spy on HTC U11/U11 Life?

Want to download a Spyware for HTC U11 or HTC U11 Life, and want to know how to monitor and spy on a new U11 or U11 Life mobile? You come to a right place. With our HTC Spy Software, you can track target smartphone remotely and without anyone knowing. Just keep reading.

There’s nothing better than setting out in search of a new phone and having lots of options. Fortunately, Mobile World Congress this year brought with it a number of awesome updates to major flagship phones, including new additions to the HTC U, Sony Xperia, Huawei P and Samsung Galaxy lines. HTC U11 and HTC U11 Life is Galaxy S9 and iPhone X’s strong opponent now. But the reality is cruel, and the final sales volume is not satisfactory.

HTC U series like the HTC U11, U11 Life, U11 Plus, U12 and U12+ are powerful handy internet communicators whose capability far exceeds just making phone calls and sending text messages. With that power, it can be many things, a media player, an e-reader, mostly, an internet communicator. If you are succumbed by your kid’s relentless begging and decide to give him a HTC newest phone (U11, U11 Life), you should at least make sure that it is a trendy, useful and safe tool you handed to him, not a Pandora box that exposed him to a dangerous internet where cyber bullies and sexual predators roaming around looking for easy targets. You can proactively keep an eye on your kid by becoming a full-fledged FBI agents that utilize surveillance technology to spy on almost every aspect usage of the devices (Galaxy S10, iPhone 11, iPad Air, iPod, Xperia Z3, Xperia Z5, Moto X, Nokia Lumis, LG G3, BlackBerry Classic and more), the text messages sent and received, phone calls, contacts, photos and videos taken with the phone camera, GPS location in real time and history, browsing history, chat apps like Skype and WhatsApp, memos…

HTC U11/U11 Life Spy Software brings you innovative software that has taken the parental monitoring software market by a storm. They have introduced the latest software for Android devices (Smartphone, Tablet).

Free download HTC Spy Software

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Parents can now supervise kids’ mobile and tablet activities without making them feel insecure. This new software can be easily downloaded on your kids’ Android based electronic devices without compromising system’s integrity.

The HTC U11/ U11 Life spy is actually a hybrid of software and service, which allows you to monitor HTC Android smartphone in real time. In order to get the HTC spy work, a piece of software needs to be planted into the HTC U11 or HTC U11 Life you want to monitor. Once the spy is planted and running (stealthily, not visible in the running process list on HTC U11/U11 Life), it will record an array of phone activities and upload the data to a remote server via an encrypted transmission channel, which you can access with an internet browser.

What does this HTC spy software do?

Spy on text messages – every message sent and received with this spy planted HTC U11 and HTC U11 Life, even after deletion, will be archived and report back to the control panel, where you can visit on a browser on any computer.

Internet browsing history – urls and website addresses are logged and archived. Notorious sites or websites with potential hazard are highlighted.

Tracks IM client like whatsapp and skype – there are some popular, feature-rich chat apps for HTC smartphones, like whatsapp and skype, chats can be stored and sent to the control panel.

Call log and record phone calls – each incoming and outgoing call is logged with numbers, duration and time stamp. The actual call can be recorded in real time.

GPS location – with a specified time interval, the spy reports the GPS data of HTC mobile phones, the actual whereabouts of your kids. This could also be useful for retrieving the phone when the phone is stolen or lost.

Access to photo and video library – granted access to the photos and videos captured by this HTC U11 or HC U11 Life. All photos and videos made by kids are viewable.

Monitor on Facebook, Skype, LINE, WhatsAPP, iMessages, Viber, and WeChat including the stickers, status, profiles, pictures, locations and emoticons.

How to quit spying on HTC U11/U11 Life?

The HTC spying app can be remotely uninstalled from U11 and U11 Life via your online account control panel. No hassle.

Live Chat with US, if you have questions about the feature and limitation of the spy, if the internet connection is slow, it may take some time for the chat client window to pop up.