Signs that you have a cheating husband

It is every woman’s worst nightmare. A cheating husband can greatly damage the sacred bond that exists between married partners; any and all elements of trust and faith are destroyed, never to be replaced again. But this isn’t your everyday romantic drama where your husband comes home with lipstick smeared on his collar.

Many times, it can be almost impossible to determine if your husband is having an affair, so you can never be sure of whether your husband is being unfaithful or not.

There some signs which can tell you whether your husband is having an affair or not. Keep in mind, some of the signs outlined in this article may in fact be an indication of other unresolved issues in your relationship so tread carefully.

Number 11 – All of his phone calls are made and received in private

Granted, some calls do require some privacy. But if you find your husband going to a separate room every time his phone rings or when he has to make a call, there may be something else going on.

Number 10 – He deletes all of his old messages

Mostly, there isn’t a need to delete old text messages unless the text inbox folder gets full. If your husband is careful enough to delete old conversations, moreover, delete text messages after he’s sent them, there may be a cause for worry.

Number 9He has multiple email or social media accounts

If you come across a hidden email account or a social media account maintained by your husband without your knowledge, things are definitely not good. If a person is faithful, there should be no need to keep social media accounts their partner is not aware of.

Number 8You notice a different scent on him

You’ve spent enough time with your spouse to remember his distinctive scent, the one that sets him apart. If he suddenly exudes the scent of woman’s perfume, it’s time to play detective.

Number 7He doesn’t touch you as much

It’s natural for affection to go out the window after a fight or an argument. However, if your husband acts oddly distant and aloof, treat that as a hint that he may be having an affair.

Number 6He starts fighting. A lot!!!

Every couple fights. However if fights begin to appear a little too often in your marriage and for no rhyme or reason, the reason may be something else.

Number 5He starts keeping secrets

Few of the key elements in maintaining a successful marriage are honesty and openness with one another. If your husband suddenly becomes very private about his whereabouts and moreover gets on the defensive when you ask him about it, he may be having an affair.

Number 4He starts to spend more and more time away from home

Whether it’s work at the office or a jog at the park, if you’re beginning to see less and less of your partner, it could spell problems for your relationship.

Number 3He prefers to be left alone and not spend time ‘as a couple’

Amidst the chaos of life, many couples make an effort to include both ‘we’ time and ‘me’ time so keep the ball rolling. However, if this arrangement tends to shift to more ‘me’ time on behalf of your husband, you might have a reason to worry.

Number 2You notice a change in the way he behaves and his overall attitude

A change in behavior may be anything that is different from the usual way your husband behaves. If your husband is anti-social, yet suddenly wishes to make appearances at office engagements and ceremonies, citing his professional career as the main reason, there may be something else going on.

Number 1He pays less attention to you and more attention to his phone

We all go through certain emotional changes. However, if your husband shows a lack of interest in you or rejects your offers for affection on a longer term basis, something else may be at play.

The Way Out!! – Catch a Cheating Husband

Getting to the bottom of what’s going requires careful thought and consideration given to the signs noticed as well as certain pieces of proof gathered to substantiate one’s suspicions. Once you have everything that you need, it is time you confront your husband and let him know that you are aware of his cheating habits.

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Hopefully, the both of you will be able to reach an amicable and appropriate settlement.